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  1. reading.list

    Recommended reading list for aspiring software developers.
  2. js-sessions

    In depth JavaScript and web-related coaching sessions.
  3. node.js sessions

    Entry level Node.js coaching.
  4. redux sessions

    Entry level Redux coaching.


  1. Ansible.tar.gz

  2. Controlled Chaos: Randomization in Level Design

    Introduction to randomization strategies in level design.
  3. Ask The Crowd: Crowdsourcing Knowledge Generation

    Evaluation of crowdsourcing and gamification mechanisms for the purpose of knowledge generation.
  4. Implicit Authentication on Mobile Devices

    Overview and analysis of mechanisms for implicit authentication on mobile devices. Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich.


  1. Analytics

    Application analytics for IoT solutions from conception to implementation. Osram, Munich.
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

  3. Linux, the Bash & everything

    Fundamentals of UNIX-based operating systems and shell programming. CHECK24, Munich.
  4. Componentization in modern web architectures

    Concepts and architectural patterns of state of the art web applications. Technical University, Munich.